Sky Genie Descent Device

$190.55$226.60 MSRP*

Easy to Train. Easy To Use.

Countless industry experts agree that the Sky Genie Descent Device provides the smoothest, most reliable descent on the market. Our industry leading Descent Device is made from lightweight materials and provides a secure and convenient option for multiple work or emergency situations. Available in the following sizes:

    • (DS-L): 10″; Descent Chair, Daily Work, Escape, Rescue & More.
    • (DS-M): 9″; Escape, Rescue, General Descent.
    • (DS-S): 5.5″; Escape, General Descent.

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The Sky Genie Descent Device allows a preset rate of lowering by adjusting the number of turns the descent line makes around the internal shaft. Decelerate or Stop descent and remain suspended by applying pressure to free end of line. Remain in one position by looping free end of line over the top of the Sky Genie Descent Device. Unit can be controlled at, above or below point of descent. Always attach line(s) to an anchor point capable of supporting minimum dead weight of 5,000 pounds. Sky Genie Descent Device is compliant with ICWA I-14.

Sky Genie Descent Line is made from 20 braids of high strength nylon fiber for maximum durability. Sky Genie line is a specifically woven, rot/mildew resistant, high temperature material with shock absorbing elasticity. Only Sky Genie line has the correct heat resistance and flexibility for use with Sky Genie Descent Devices. Each line is stamped with a serial number, assembly date, lot #, size and length. Replacement lines available separately – see distributor map for pricing and order information.

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