Medium (7/16″) Descent Line

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Safety and Durability.

Our Sky Genie Descent line comes ready for use in the following sizes:

    • (RP-M): 7/16″; Shock absorbing, Nylon descent line. Available from 50-600 foot lengths. For use with Sky Genie Large Descent Device (DS-M).
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Sky Genie Descent Line is specifically woven from 20 braids of high strength nylon fiber. The heavy duty construction is rot, mildew and high temperature resistant while possessing a shock absorbing elasticity to prevent breakage in the event of immediate strain. Only Sky Genie Descent Line has the correct heat resistance and flexibility for use with Sky Genie Descent Devices. Each line is stamped with a serial number, assembly date, lot #, size and length for easy inspection.
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